Monday, July 2, 2012

The Adorable Queen of the Geeks

Growing up a geek can be hard. I was a socially awkward bookworm that really only had one friend at a time. I was rejected by just about every social group in school and was brunt of more than a few jokes. I would rather read a book or play Nintendo than go to the big party on weekends. Those are not qualities that are looked fondly upon by the popular kids. I was still luckier than most because of my sister, her best friend, and their group of friends. My sister is about a year and half older than me and held a lot of the hobbies and interests that I did. Now I don't know how much she liked it, but she always let me tag along with her friends without complaint, so I never had to feel as completely alone as other geeks tell me they have.
But there is hope out there to the growing geeks out there and that is Felicia Day.

My sister is actually the person that told me about Felicia. Felicia Day is the Queen of the geeks and is helping to make geekery mainstream. If you have never seen or heard of Felicia, I would suggest watching her web series The Guild. You can find all of the episodes online at Geek and Sundry or on Netflix. Felicia has an adorable personality and is an amazing actress, writer, and producer. Felicia is very active on social networking sites, both connecting to her fans and bringing them together in online communities and promoting her content directly to her core audience. Riding on her success from The Guild, Felicia and some of her Sci-Fi loving friends formed the youtube channel Geek and Sundry, which I consider nerd heaven, bringing together content from book clubs to comic books to Felicia's own new show The Flog.

Fans have created a universe that revolves around Felicia and I can understand why. I wish I had this to watch when I was in high school...