Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally a Break!

Finally, a much need rest from school. There are so many projects I want to work on, crafts I want to make and books I want to read, but school and work leave little time for anything else. With a few days to go before I go back, I have a little time for other things, like finally writing another blog post. When I first started going back to school, I  worked at a job that was less than supportive and even less of a positive environment. I used school as an escape for my unhappiness and threw myself into books, highlighters, and espresso. I was so determined to get straight A's that I had blinders on to everything around me, including my own stress levels. I wasn't taking care of myself, but I was happy because I was making the Dean's List every quarter. I was running on empty after the first year and I knew I couldn't keep going like that. So I made changes, some huge and some small. I had to feel like I had a life outside of school and work. One of the changes included making crafts and finding other areas to minimize stress. My favorite craft is working with perler beads. When I'm studying and get frustrated, I'll stop and work on my current project. Since the premier of Doctor Who is around the corner, I thought I would share a two of Doctor Who crafts I did this quarter.

Perler beads are little plastic beads that will fuse together when heated, allowing you to make different designs and crafts. I'll do a blog soon on how to make different perler bead projects. The very first time I attempted a perler project, I picked the TARDIS from Doctor Who. It took two peg boards. As a begininer, I had no idea the time I would have to put in. I didn't design my own pattern the first time, I used an image from Google images. Here is a picture after the first side was melted. The first time I flipped it, it broke. I had to try putting all the pieces back and heat it again. Eventually, I got it together.
I also decided to make a 3-D TARDIS and a stand for the one above.
Here are the finished projects with the rest of my Doctor Who toys.

I just started drawing a pattern to make a Dalek. Enjoy season 7 of Doctor Who!

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