Monday, April 29, 2013

The Reluctant Messiah by Eric Guindon

My favorite book of all time is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I absolutely adore the mix of comedy, adventure, and quirkiness. The collection, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, is the first leather-bound collector's edition I ever bought. Now it sits a long side many of my favorites in a book shelf I reserve only for collector's editions or my absolute favorites that I just can't seem to stomach giving away or donating.  I am very excited to add another book to the shelf, The Reluctant Messiah by Eric Guidon.

Occasionally when I'm on Goodreads, I will check out a section of the site where they have contests and giveaway books. I like to check out books coming out and authors I may not have heard of yet. The Reluctant Messiah caught my eye. I especially liked the tag line, "A Darkly Comedic Tale Of Prophecies." I entered the contest and actually won. I wasn't sure what to expect.The back of the book reads:
 ...and Oliver?
Oliver Kirkle had a normal life until prophecies got in the way. A multitude of cults, each with its own interpretation of the prophecies, think Oliver is their messiah.                                             Unfortunately for Oliver, that's the only thing they agree about...
I instantly fell in love with Guidon's writing. He reminds me of Douglas Adams or Neil Gaiman. Tackling  dark subjects like cults and doomsday prophecies and injecting it with witty banter and a lighthearted playfulness. Right away I noticed how well the book flowed from chapter to chapter, guiding the reader through the story with ease. During Oliver's introduction to the story, I actually visualized his budding romance with Bunny as a movie montage. I thought it was a brilliant way of covering  the formative years of Oliver's life, giving a glimpse into what makes him tick.

I loved the story and can't wait to see where it is going. I only wish it was a little longer, but happy to see book two is out already. I will definitely be following this series.

You can pick up The Reluctant Messiah here and the sequel An Unexpected Apocalypse here.

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