Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Fandom

#1- The Answer
I love Dark Horse comics. When I go to the comic book store, the first area I go to houses the Dark Horse selection. Yesterday, I picked up a copy of The Answer #1 of 4. I absolutely loved this first installment. The lead heroine is a puzzle obsessed librarian. I knew very early in the book, that this would be a keeper. As we glimpse into our leading lady's life, Jeopardy is being played in the background. Devin answers all the questions, while finishing a crossword puzzle with ease. Before long, she's thrown into a world of action. I am very curious to see where this is going to go. Written by Dennis Hopeless. Art by Mike Norton. Colors by Mark Englert. Letters by Crank!

#2- The Snowmen- Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special

My obsession with Doctor Who just continues to grow. I can't stop watching this episode. To watch Matt Smith go from such a dark place into an excited little boy was absolutely beautiful. And Clara, wow, I instantly liked her. I liked her in Asylum of the Daleks, but this episode really let her shine. So many questions that need to be answered. March 30th is way too long to wait.
Issue #1

#3-MIND MGMT by Matt Kindt

 This is the book that got me back into monthly books. A clever, mind bending, spy series that pulls the reader into participating in the story through secret messages strategically placed through the book. Issue #7 went on the rack yesterday. This is the issue to pick up. It is a new story arc so you don't have to try to hard to understand what is going on. The art is absolutely gorgeous and the covers are just intriguing to me.

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