Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Sweet Goodbye

Image- Dark Horse Comics
A few months back, I was walking around the comic book shop and saw Colder #1 on the racks and was taken aback by the cover art. It was gory, intense, and unbelievably beautiful, but I moved along out of the Dark Horse section and kept on looking. Before I could get to the end of the new release wall, I was back to Dark Horse looking at Colder. I was intrigued and, once I opened it and started reading, I was hooked. Nimble Jack. What a glorious introduction! Soon, Colder awoke in me a renewed love of the lost art of horror comics. Each month, the story was alluring, thought provoking, and creepy. I was always looking forward to the next issue. But all good things must come to an end and ,since it only had a five issue run, it's time to say goodbye. Issue #5 came out today and it did not disappoint. The arc was wrapped up nicely and many questions were answered. The whole time I was reading, I kept thinking, "This is perfect. This is the perfect ending. Perfect, perfect, perfect...awwww." I still want more, but if that doesn't happen, it was a sweet goodbye.

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