Monday, March 11, 2013

Crafting with Crayons

School's been cancelled, it's cold, it's snowy and you have kids running around stir crazy. Here is a craft you can do with kids that is fun, super easy, and only uses supplies you have on hand, multicolor crayons.

Broken crayons or crayons you aren't going to use
Muffin/Cupcake tin or paper muffin cups

Get together all of your broken bits of crayons or some crayons you aren't going to use anymore. Make sure to get all of the paper off the little suckers. If you are using full size crayons, you will want to break them into smaller pieces.

If you are using a tin, lightly grease the tin. I used a ceramic, heart shaped muffin pan. I really liked how they came out. I tried to keep certain colors together, like pink, red, and orange. I also mixed a couple up and used blue with purple and white and black together. Another way to go is paper or individual muffin tins. Just slap a couple down in front of your kids and let them go crazy with color. Just make sure to put them on a cookie sheet to melt, not just on the rack. (I know, common sense, right? Wrong. There are pictures all over the place of crayons melted to racks and the bottom of the oven. Come on people, think first.)

Preheat your oven and throw them in. Once you see they have melted, take them out and let them harden. I'm super impatient, so I threw them in the freezer. Worked like a charm.

I have seen so much Crayon Art floating around on Pintrest. I'll keep you updated if I try one of these beautiful projects.

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