Monday, July 22, 2013

Dark Discoveries: Issue #23

I keep asking myself how I didn't know Dark Discoveries existed. Now that I do, I know that I need it in my life. Dark Discoveries is a quarterly magazine published by Journal Stone Publishing and focuses on the Sci-Fi/Dark Fantasy/Horror genre.

Issue # 23 is dedicated to Dark Fantasy and guides bibliophiles through the genre including listings of Bram Stoker Award Winners and a recommended reading list. Along with the informational, the pages are packed with interviews, articles and short stories.

Being a Dark Horse fanatic I was excited to see Talking Shop: Dark Horse Comics' Scott Allie on Robert E. Howard, Hellboy, and Abe Sapian listed in the table of contents. I love seeing comic book writers and artists being recognized in the same publication that features the best artists, TV shows, and literary artists of the genre. The article was entertaining and informative. It was written as a Q&A so much of the article was straight from Scott Allie.

Another standout was a noir short story about a PI that promises to protect a damsel that is being threatened by her ex, with a twist. Like Part of the Family was written by Jonathan Mayberry. I definitely need to read more of his stories. I was hooked from the first page.

Dark Discoveries does an amazing job at showcasing the genre. I can't wait to see Dark Discoveries: Issue #24 featuring Forgotten Horror & SciFi TV on sale July 31. Both issues can be purchased at

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